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HobbyOne database per organization Free
  • 5 GB storage
  • 1 billion row reads/mo
  • 10 million row writes/mo
  • 1 production branch
  • 1 development branch
  • Community support
ScalerServerless applications with low trafficStarts at$29/mo
  • 10 GB storage
  • 100 billion row reads/mo
  • 50 million row writes/mo
  • 2 production branches
  • 5 development branches
  • SSO available as an add-on
  • 15 days audit log
  • Standard support
TeamTeams needing higher performanceStarts at$599/mo
  • 100 GB storage
  • 500 billion row reads/mo
  • 100 million row writes/mo
  • 3 production branches
  • 10 development branches
  • Data Branching™
  • SSO included
  • 60 days audit log
  • Larger resource allocation
  • Business support available
EnterpriseBuilt for scale Starts at$2999/mo
  • Custom usage-based or resource-based pricing
  • Custom reads & writes
  • Built-in horizontal sharding
  • Unlimited production branches
  • Unlimited development branches
  • Able to provision dedicated resources
  • SSO included
  • Custom audit log retention
  • Deployment options: Multi-tenant, Single-tenant, and Managed Cloud
  • VPC peering and Private Link capabilities
  • Enterprise Support available

All plans include automatic failover and enterprise-grade security.
Additional fees apply to Scaler and Team plans for usage and storage beyond quota: $2.50 per GB thereafter, $1 per billion reads thereafter, $1.50 per 1 million writes thereafter.

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Frequently asked questions

Every time a query retrieves a row from the database, it is counted as a row read. Every time a row is written to the database, it is counted as a row written. Learn more.

Yes, you can upgrade your Hobby plan database to the Scaler plan at any time.

We charge the following for usage and storage above the included row reads, row writes, and storage:

  • $2.50/mo per GB
  • $1/mo per 1 billion rows read
  • $1.50/mo per 1 million rows written

You will need to contact support to downgrade your Scaler plan database.

Storage for the automatic daily backups we run for every branch is free, while storage for additional manual or user-scheduled backups is currently billed at $0.023 per GB per month. Learn more.

Yes, usage across all of your database branches is included up to Hobby tier limits.

Databases that exceed the Hobby plan in usage or storage may experience degraded service. Learn more.

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